Friday, January 22, 2010

Let me see you Laffy Taffy

Much to Husband's chagrin? Dismay? (I dunno), I very often dream of nudity. Full frontal, totally exposed, nudit-ay. Of him, me, our friends, family, strangers I make up in my mind, people I used to know.

Is that weird? I've done it my whole life, pretty much, and I just kind of expect it nowadays. But every now and then it surprises me. Especially when my dream characters have moments of consciousness about their nudity. I am always there to reassure them it's cool. A-ok. Feel the breeze. It's never inappropriate because it's rarely sexualized. I say rarely because I mean honestly, who can dream about all these nudie people and it not be sexual. But most of the time it's just funny. Because people at their most vulnerable is so uncomfortable you have to laugh. It's a requirement of being human. To laugh at someone else's misfortune is our caveman way of getting through the day. The "better you than me" buddy system.

But sometimes it's just funny because junk is funny. The penis. The vagina. They are funny looking. Strange alien creatures (have you seen AVATAR yet??) attached to our bodies, living, breathing basically independent of our minds/wishes.

And so often replicated in nature (or maybe the other way around):

See Voodoo Lily (Amorphophallus- the big joke in my garden club)

See Phallaceae Stinkhorn Mushrooms. Probably you'd recognize them from Little Earthquakes.

See Corpse Lily. Which, if you watch your CSI, you know people plant to hide dead bodies in their basements.

See various carnivorous plants (vagina dentata anyone?) like pitcher plants or other Nepenthes.

Aren't these great? Well, back to reading Jung and brushing up on my Latin. Agricola. Agricolae. Agricolarum. Ha! I kid!

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