Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know what it means to be alone

Ah, get your Led out.

So I have this thing. This like, addiction. My bloodlust can't be sated kind of thing. And although it's always there, lurking in my brain, it's rare that I indulge because, well, you'll see.

So I had some Wendy's chili at lunch today. It made me very happy and resolved my hamburger craving all at the same time. And I remember times when in college, my BFF Bryan and I would go to Wendy's and I would have the amazing taco salad almost every single Sunday after our lit. mag. meetings. And how my friend Ambler taught me the skill to eat Wendy's chili while driving. And that chili was a perfectly fine road trip food. And then when Wendy's changed the taco salad, making it all fanciful, my friends Nan and Sweet Pee came to my aid, held me up when I was so down.

Maybe it was just a college thing? You decide. But I wrote this Ode to Wendy's Chili a while back and it still makes me smile so hard.

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