Friday, April 18, 2008

Fast Food Homages, I need a contract over here!

Ode to Wendy's Chili

Oh my lunchtime friend of yore
How I delight in your never empty bowl.
How I crave, scratch, need your delish
attempt to make the world a happy place.

Lady who put a finger in you to scam on your might,
Others who dismiss you on value menus at night,
my dear chili, stress it not--
thine shall always be a full pot--
and I will always find a way
to eat you while driving and flip people off.

-By Sully Wilson, 2008 copyrighted n'shiz

Yum yum yum!!!


Hunter R. Slaton said...

This is kind of amazing, esp. the last couplet.

Sully said...

Behold! The mighty creative inspirational powers of chili! Huzzah!