Thursday, April 17, 2008


How do you sleep?

As Husband will often point out, I snore, talk, and "comment dit-on Pass Gas?" in my sleep. Haha. Well back at ya. It is the running joke because we both do it. We're both big sleep talkers, sleep walkers, all of the above. And it's funny. It's a good signifier of our relationship. Happy times in beddy times. Apparently it runs in both our families.

And so, how do you dream?

I nightly have a bad dream. One where I wake to make Hubs spoon me, I'm so afraid. And of what, I rarely remember. I dream about work. I dream about the past (and I always make the same mistakes). I dream about old lovers (never illicitly) and about strangers (always illicitly). I talk a lot in my dreams (ha big surprise). Lately, they take place in exotic restaurants and houses I'm sure I've never been in. I constantly finding myself needing to drive in a dream and realizing I'm just horrible at it (quiet peanut gallery).

There was a long point in time where Mario (from Nintendo fame) was a huge character in my dreams. I never told anyone that before now. It never seemed appropriate and always a little weird. I'm constantly getting into fights with my best friends in my dreams and then I wake up terrified I've actually said the things I said or acted how I acted. I find great discomfort letting people know they were in my dreams. I rarely dream about my family or my husband or my pets.

Why do you dream that way?

Since I was a teenager, when it was very teenagery to be, I was fascinated, captured by dream interpretation. I understand it much better now than I ever have although I haven't read any interpretation or Jung books in years. In dreams, in neutral territory, you can have what is normally just out of reach. You just have to figure out how. And that's the great humanistic allegory. I guess. It's really no matter. It's just how you miss dreams when you aren't having them.

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