Monday, March 2, 2009

If a girl walks in, carves her name in my heart, I'll turn and walk away

Oh dear sweet March. I'm an April baby but I do so have a soft spot for March.

Today is Casillas's birthday too! Happy birthday f-er!

There are lots of good memories of Spring. Daffodils. Hyacinth strongly smelling. The yards are all full of color and forsythia. My helleborus (lenten rose) is taking off like gang busters. I can't wait to see what was planted last year that will be arriving this year. Irises bursting (but not mine yet).

It all makes me feel good. Chrissy, I am working on your plant list. Sorry I got a little distracted when I caught the plague.

Online Scrabble with Quentin. CSI with Bubby.

I brought my seeds out last night. I'm going to work on starting to early germinate some. I need to rake out my beds more. But since it did snow Saturday, maybe I should wait a little longer.

This weekend consisted of Hubs and I at the garden show Saturday morning. Then meeting Ben and Kelley for her birthday at the Toltec Mounds. Walking the Mounds in the snow and rain. Sweet 4 wheeler ramping capabilities. Antiques at Keo. $80,000 French mega armoires at 30% off! Hubcaps and fried green tomatoes and onion rings and Mississippi Mud Pies at Cotham's for dinner. Driving back to Ben's in the pouring snow for house karaoke to Reba's "Here's your one chance Fancy..." Sunday was sleeping until 3. And it was wonderful. And Chrissy ate bacon chocolate cake. And Piper had a badass weekend. All is right with the wizz-orld.

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