Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I really should be going

Just like all things awesome, and yes Chrissy, magical realism IS awesome, my friends at Mid-West Capacity (no coasters, mother f-ers!), are again at the top of my list with this:

I LOVE these 2 Kerry James Marshall paintings. They remind me of quilts. I love the cloth-like piecemeal nature of them. And those flat Presidents are just awesome. How many times can I say awesome here, let's count. Answer at the bottom**. They remind me of how modern Hollywood depicts the vaudevillians and victorians with their cheap styrofoam hats instead of woven straw. And suspenders. And ice cream parlours. Reminds me of the Punch comics, one of my favorite:

Aww Darwin!

Plus they lead me to even more awesomeness like this:

Image below (and yes, that naughty Pan is doing what you think he's doing!!):

**(Screw You!)

omg! Aren't these wonderful! You know my birthday is in less than a month...!

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