Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why can't we be friends?

I think War is my new favorite band.

So I have been so slammed at work. But in a good way. Very focused. Got a new girl up front. She's great. Things will calm down in about a month because we are getting a whole new computer system program overhaul all next week!!! SWEET!

Stomach Bug/Food Poisoning something this weekend caused me to miss Christmas with the in-laws. God I never want to be that sick again. And I will never eat Burger King ever again, ever. Be it their fault or not, it's probably a good resolution anyway.

New York City this weekend for a very quick jaunt. I'm very excited. Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame annex. Jasper Johns at MOMA. My friend Halsey's exhibit at 11 Rivington. Some Broadway for the moms (I'm going with my mom, her best friend, and her best friend's daughter who is practically my sister). Gramercy Tavern. Masstransiscope. And then, cherry on top, staying at the Waldorf Astoria (my mom hoards every kind of travelers points and got us the room for free! She's a genius!)!!!!

And then we daughters head home, mothers head to Chile and Argentina, and the very next day we come to work to a week of new program training. Whew. I will be happily pleasantly tired.

In other news, my cousin is doing all this ancestry tracking for us and through a DNA match, found that my mother's maiden name might be wrong; her great grand-father might have been either adopted or illegitimate in one way or another; and we may be Caldwells instead of Claytons. The Caldwells of the Caldwells who came from Scotland to Nova Scotia down to Arkansas some how. We're still working that out. But we are in touch with a Caldwell in Nova Scotia who shares important DNA markers with us and he has the family history back 300 years and is in touch with Caldwells who never left Scotland and are still there kicking it. Hmmmm. I am starting to find this fascinating!

Zoloft time is a different kind of time. Or maybe that's just me.

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