Tuesday, January 6, 2009

star of wonder

Never yet, not once, Su-Lauren, have you ever smiled at a stranger, said "sorry" to a friend, or bowed to the glory of nature, when sparks didn't fly, tears didn't roll, and praises weren't sung for you behind the curtains of time and space.

All hail Su-Lauren Wilson,
The Universe

ha, thanks Universe.


Sorry I have been so MIA. I have been busting my henie at work, I think I'm taking too much Zoloft, family has been all about buying a house, work, work, work, Andy Warhol exhibit, we've hired someone new at work, trying to squeeze Christmas in, putting up Christmas decorations, new year's, trying to catch up with friends, too tired all the time, not been sick yet, fingers crossed, starting to plan my spring garden (since my crumby neighbor cut down their tree I have so much more sun now!), sad to take down Christmas lights, maybe a 3rd puppery? a puppery named Stanley?, trying to reconnect with the world, playing Zelda on the DS and loving it, fireside, 2nd anniversary, New York City soon, San Diego soon, St Lucia in September, I love love love you all.

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