Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Would you like me more if I were a man?

Because I really hate emo kids:

My emo band's name is Girlfriend Swinging Application.
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Girlfriend Swinging Application and I kinda like it!

Multiple small pumpkins spray painted red to look like Christmas balls: Check!

Clipping 4 tons of magnolia leaves (with permission) from a friend's yard while totally not looking like I have permission: Check!

Hanging giant vintage neon paper snowflakes Piper made me: Check!

Having moma come down to help me cook heaping mounds of Jambalaya stuffed mushrooms, Christmas bark, coconut balls (dipped in chocolate and sea salt no less-- does anyone get this reference???), sweet potato tartlets, cucumber feta cheese chive things, 800 different dips, and a bunch of other food: Starting tonight!

Who wants to make my gingerbread house all nice and cozy?

I always did like the name Hansel.

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