Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This ole town is a sad affair

YEOW! Tom Petty is awesome!

YEOW! That apple was sour!

YEOW! I should'a never beat Brenticus twice in a row. He's a now kickin' my scrabble arse!

There's gonna be some of my friends exes at our Christmas party, I'm just now recognizing. Whoops! Orwell. Time everyone grew up or something anyway, right? Pass Ed's Egg Noggy Nog! That'll make it all better. Still, I am glad lots of people are coming!

I just want to be a firecracker! Maybe be your baby tonight!

I get off at 3 today. Let's go dancing!

Anyway, we finished Bioshock last night. Kinda ended on a weak note. I was disappointed. Planned to buy Christmas presents. Realized for sanity's sake, we should just save that for next week. Barrett Bowlin, this bud's for you, bud:

(SFW but you may want to turn the volume down a hair-- that lady screams awful loud).


Bee Yarrett said...

Now I've got to go hunt down Blood Freak. The ending would probably be better than, say, if I were to depart an underwater city haunted by genetically altered party-goers with my former-orphans-turned-genetic-scavengers-turned-surrogate daughters so they might be with me while I aged and ultimately died after a night's adventure following a plane crash of my own making.

Would you kindly post some other goodies on your blog like Blood Freak? Because that would be awesome!

Sully said...

Really raising the bar here. Man I use way too many Exclamation points! How else though does one convey excitement?!

I'm really excited. : EPIC FAIL

I'm really mother fucking excited bitches. : PASSABLE FAIL

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : PASS- I Win!