Friday, December 12, 2008

We are reasons so unreal

Smash Shack Love Shack? Genius!!! Let's book a Friday night and hit it up!

What fun times.

Did you know Satan is a Libra??? I've always had an enjoyment in reading about angels, the archangel Gabriel, Michael. Well do a tiny bit of digging/typing and there you have it. You fall on October 11th and land in a blackberry bush?? Is that why they're so succulent?

For the last several years we've celebrated my birthday (a little early but still) on Beltane (but I've yet a maypole) and I've always wanted to have a correlating Samhain party but it's usually Halloween and people want more of a costume party than a pagan party. But I had no idea that Samhain was also associated with this fall of Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, whatever you want to call it. And I think that's fascinating seeing how the rising medieval Catholic church and tithing and indulgences practically created this idea of a monster that previously people had been worshipping/respecting in their own fearful ways. It gave a face to why we're afraid of the dark. It gave the dark more meaning.

And then it evolves. The origin story dissipates for hundreds of years and through the Inquisition we start finding these stories of the Saints and purity and piety and, even more importantly, the creation of this beautiful fascinating horror show: the devil. These myths surround us even after Martin Luther and Nietzsche and Vatican I and II. After Jerry Springer and Ofrah and Baptist preachers wearing Rolexes. The devil made me do it.

I would love to go back in time. To that first Fall season. To hear the foxes barking and the colors changing. Blackberry bushes grow wild in abundance in Arkansas. They will actually thrive when left to their own devices. Left wild. There are some things can't be tamed. And they're great hiding places for children who can slip under their low brambles. Who don't mind scratched backs for the best hiding spot. All manner of creatures burrow under bramble bushes. There's safety in thorns sometimes.

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