Friday, December 19, 2008

Do I Do

I am really glad to be getting out of town this weekend. It's sadly but I just hate it when I am in a good mood (of yet a current fragile state) and run into your best friend's sister talking about you coming into town and how we should all get together. And wouldn't that be fun. Wouldn't that be old times. Except I don't like you, your best friend's wife and she doesn't like me. Ummm...I would love to live in that existence but it ain't happening! What fun we could all have! Pass the brandy f-ers!

And for my luck, where we're going, I'm out of cell phone range. So kindly person, there's no way you can shake up my Christmas much like you can shake up all the other seasons of my life. I tried so hard to be your friend and you would have none of it. Audi 5000 G. Sorry.

We finally got to pick up Jake's book (and yes I'm calling it his book because it's more his than anyone else's!) and you should too because his zombie (swoon) story is the best ever. And Judy Blume thinks so too. And so does everyone else in the world who's read it. I'm very proud of little brother. He goes so far.

If there really were a way I could see him this holiday. It would negate all the rest.

My dreams are so vivid and lush. These klonopin nights are really helping my overall.

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