Monday, November 24, 2008

talk and songs from tongues of lilting grace

Okay I completely totally mostly always can't stand Sarah Silverman. I just don't find her funny and generally find that the people who love her stand-up are fairly despicable...BUT Cookie Party? Now that's a whole 'nother subject.

And yes, I admit it Husband, Jake, everyone else I find to be cool. I'm coming around on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mostly because Charlie, the guy who screams alot, is that his name? He's really hott. Su-Lauren hott.

Speaking of, I want to be a teacher and get this whole week off a work.

Another friend with a baby on the way?! It makes me very excited. The Ward Art party Friday was a blast. I can't wait to show Husband my sir prize. Dinner with Rockstar Saturday and staying up 'till 3:30am talking was even better than the olden days. Thanksgiving dinner with friends Sunday was a perfect way to stuff my gullett with dark gingerbread pumpkin mousse trifle. Turkey? Who needs turkey! I have trifle!!!


Mmmm cookies...ugggh stomach ache...

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