Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey! Jungle Love, ohweohweoh

Mogwai makes me happy. The band and the elf king!

God, I am so glad to be out of those blues. They were really getting me down. Thanks Hubs for letting me be. There was nothing different this time, but man, was it all so completely different.

Hey New Yorkers, you should go see this for me. I'll be up there in January but I don't know if it'll still be up.


For my girls going through some rough patches. I understand. That point where you can't stand the crawling back anymore and so you act like that nasty girl you want to deep down act like, show off how you really feel, show off what he's really wanting to make you into and what you're wanting to be made into. Show off just how unattractive you can be. And the little part of yourself likes it. "If I had stayed, I would have seriously hurt him. For all that hurt on me, I would be in jail now. I had to leave. I couldn't be that nasty of a girl." For all my fellow nasty girls. I love you dearly. Chin up. It's over time now.

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