Friday, November 14, 2008

i go from day to day

Well since the interfranetter won't let me do my job, I have to post weird shiz here! It's my obligation people!

The Hubble telescope has found the true eye of Sauron!

I, like most nerds that I have married, took astronomy and completely fell head over heels. I was a woman obsessed. It was all I read on, researched, composed essays and poetry for my ill-advised thesis, talked about, dreamed about. It took me there. And it broke my heart. Space, it's not out there. That's completely unattainable. It's in here (tap tap tap on my hollow hollow chest), tucked in a drawer for men to pearl up in.

So anyway, I was very excited to see, and like all good LOTR nerds, I could rejoice in finding another planet where, if these crazy patients of mine keep it up, I will soon be moving to.

I love my job. We have fun around here sometimes.

I'll leave you with the Hubble gallery. If I didn't have a world of hurt to put on some leaves in my yard at home, I'd really enjoy just sitting here with you while we look through them together.

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