Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beg, steal, or borrow two nickles or a dime and call me on the phone

So maybe I don't need an iphone after all...

First fire of winter last night and it was AWESOMEULAR!

Weekend was good. Got so much stuff done and had a good time with Spencer and Aubrey. Working on Hubs Christmas/2nd Anniversary gift. I have good ideas. Too bad he won't tell me what he's getting me to make it that much easier....HMM?

Bioshock nights are lots of fun. So is watching The Pick Up Artist 2. I mean do you really have to be taught how to wing? And what's with all the DHV, Kino, wtf acronyms. If you want to talk to a girl, go talk to her. Or do like how Husband won me, and yell at me and my girlfriend Amber across the lawn about how we shouldn't leave the party to go see The Frogs. Haha. It really was love at first sight, believe it or not. (Just don't tell my other boyfriend at the time, whoops!)

I mean we wear matching sunglasses. How could it not be?

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