Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey lady, you got the love I need, maybe more than enough

Oh darling, darling, darling, walk a while with me. Oh you got so much.


3 things that make me happy!

1. Living next to Hall High who has the kickingest booty stomp marching band. Think Drumline style but still working on it. It pleases me to no end to sit on my porch after work with Hubs (who played trumpet in marching bands from Jr High up to University) and listen while somebody's showing off with a wailing trumpet. That stomp stomp is in my blood. It's why, instead of skipping school, I attended nearly every pep rally at my alma mater Little Rock Central High. Why would you want to miss those drums?!

2. Geode crystals! I took chemistry, kind of, in college. And I know this was explained. But GAWD, my chemistry class was so boring that even I couldn't make myself interested enough to get over that. So anyway, how do they get inside the rocks? I love it! Mystery!

3. VH1 reality rockstar celebrity looking for love/redemption/15 more minutes. How could you not love these shows? Rock of Love has been my personal all time favorite franchise including ROL 1, 2, and now Charm School. I have never, NEVAR, though been a fan of the Flavor of Love series because Flava Flav pick up the phone! is totally scary.

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Peter said...

You had to quote one of my favorite songs.

Totally know what you mean about drumline grooves. I dig that stuff.