Tuesday, October 21, 2008

time goes by so slowly for those who wait

Lord, preserve us
and protect us
we've been drinking
whiskey for breakfast


I procured this little psalm from my darling BFF lameliar. She is so inspiring. You should go to her Etsy page and buy up all her lovely little goodies!!

I had decided that I was going to knit everyone a(nother) scarf this year as I was getting back into my knitting. But my bamboo needles are all wonky and I need new ones and this yarn I was totes in love with is now all weird looking to me (think it was psychedelic amazing, now think psychedelic cheap looking). Boo!

So I've decided everyone is getting a dahlia watercolor for Christmas this year. They may arrive framed or unframed. They will totally look like a garage sale find. They will be all varying shades of red/pink/purple/nurple.


Cherry Coke Zero makes me want to live!!!!!


Also known as, so pervy, I love it!


Doesn't she look like JLo?

I got this at my bachelorette party. Thanks Liz! The memories are golden!

We accidentally went to a bar called Chaps in Chelsea. Had a blast!

Good to know the Lord has a sense of humor.

Don't touch me with your fairy dust!!!

Can't imagine why this is on sale? Who doesn't want to be a hipster witch?


Lost inside
Adorable illusion and I cannot hide
I'm the one you're using, please don't push me aside
We could've made it cruising, yeah

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