Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ow, funk me!

Thanks Parliament for bringing me back up. Last night's debate was truly, mostly a bummer. I'll have to say, I was glad when Obama woke up and starting pulling the specifics that this campaign needs to beat the droning, boring, but extremely safe-in-their-slumber choice of McCain. Bomb Bomb Iran reference was gold. AIG execs spending bailout money to go to a spa and spend $440K. Gold. Talking about the high salaries of Senators and how the proposed tax cuts won't be affecting you, because you don't need them after 8 years of tax cuts, spot on.

Generally talking about the middle class, not so good. Did you guys not see the people in the background yawning, checking their watches, and batting their eyes to stay awake. If it weren't for the ulcer in my stomach, I too would have retreated to the bedroom to finish my book.

But you know, whatever. Someone wins Someone loses. Why does there always have to be a winner? At what cost? Visit your DailyKos and get Kosblogger Hunter's take on things. In fact, read his whole portfolio. I find him to be adept and profound. Talents I need in this vile America. But it could be worse, right?

But anyway, people "don't find the attacks compelling." We've heard it all before, this blame game. Sen. Obama, you have to win. There is no other option. Please stop the blanket references and get us some specifics. I appreciate the figures, but they don't really mean much when the average American has no idea on how many bills a Senator votes. But these spending figures into perspective, because despite how I feel, my intelligent Husband points out to me constantly that we Americans are dumbed down, glazed over, a product of fear but also of surrender. We have given up our ability to fight because what's the point. Wake us up from this coma. To do that, you have to be a bit more liberal and push not only for the middle class but all those adults and children living below the poverty line, and make it more known in America (but I don't want to ask too much now. I'm also afraid of the men in black, the wolf at the door.)

I think people need to know that the McCain/Palin campaign stands for blatant racism and slander. It is not okay for you to stand there while people yell "Terrorist" and "Kill Him" after you mention your opponent's name. Anyone with an ounce would immediately denounce that on the spot. Anyone with a soul.

It's not okay, as Tom Brokaw pointed out, to lead people to believe that this economy will turn around in 4 or even 8 years. A lesson both candidates could learn. I thank my lucky stars that my Husband and I are making it. That our families are. But goodness, when the DOW plummets 30% in one year, no one is safe.

It is not okay to just blatantly lie to people who, although I shudder to think, think that all media is balanced and that the tv would never tell a lie.

Where history has taken us.

But if I have to, my tv is stuck on MSNBC and Keith Obermann and Jim Cramer (I LOVE Mad Money) and that new lesbian lady that Hubs likes.

Whatever. (Sound of throwing it all away)

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