Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know this picture is so old but I love it anyway.

Pumpkins be damned! It's motherfrackin' Halloween!

So apparently the only thing I needed to make my feel better was 9+ hours of sleep and a visit with my new friend David and some steak and some Fringe. Voila! Parfait!


As much as I love Phish, and that's much to Husband's dismay, I just hate hate hate The Grateful Dead. Yech.

I heard a rumor that the band was getting back together. I became the instant hit with some friends. Doubtful that I'll ever relive my traveling across the country/traveling across Europe to see Phish perform days ever again, but it's fun to think so.

Ever since I turned off the news, and mostly refuse to pay any further attention to politics, my life has improved so much. Finding grassroots ways to improve the community through activities like joining a co-op and working in a community garden, check! Sitting biting my nails pit in my stomach watching men thrash each other, again, and not being very convinced that much is ever going to really change? No thanks. I don't have that much life in my time and I certainly don't have enough life left to be bogged down by all that. Isn't this such a different me than before? Hmm it may be the retrograde of Mercury, but even then, for once, ain't that a good thing, I'm not making any promises.

But then I'm reading the moon will be void of course on election day. I'm certainly not making any promises!!

Dear Mom,

remember when you were being cute and bought us those Chi-pods (ipods from China) and they worked for 5 minutes and then we had to add them to a landfill. You are so cute! But please, don't repeat. And wow, you are the best.


Fall is finally here. The weather is wonderful. The music's good. Cleaning up my garden is working well. This weekend begins my Balsamic phase, time of letting go and cleansing, and where a better place to do it than VooDoo Fest!! Have you seen this lineup? And we lucked out and have this totally bad-ass hotel in the Quarter. Woo!

I can't be who I'm not. I can't be what they want me to be. I tried and it didn't work. What's for trying again? Nothing. Nothing at all. And even still, so sure we were on something. Don't say you know we've gone Andromeda.

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