Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get out of my garden

Do you ever have the feeling, like you can't breathe and someone, something, very weighty is just resting, floating, right on your shoulders, right behind you? A presence so thick it makes you actually turn your head thinking someone is there. And they're not.

This is how my stress manifests.

I'm so ready to get out of here. Run a marathon. Eat a Twix. Punch somebody. Take a very very cold shower. Drink some pinot. Avoid this weekend at all costs.

So in lighter news, here's some random pictures to cheer me up.

I want to look this cool when I'm this casual.

And this hot the rest of the time.

I just so love this photo.

and this one. They're so defeatist.

But moreso I love her fashion sense.

Do you see how those are little Aladdin pants underneath? I would TOTALLY rock those!

And her sense:

That's Joanna Newsom if you can believe it!

And of course, this dress is amazing:

on another note.

My Husband is related to this guy somehow.

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