Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Day Sunshine!

If the girl in the front doesn't come in to work tomorrow then I have to work on my off day. TOTALLY AWESOMEICAL!!

Anyway so I'm watching this in a 1 min 51 sec break that I'm giving myself before getting back at it.

Because who doesn't want to bone Eddie Izzard, in any form or fashion?

All I'm thinking is this hardwork will pay off. Either I get to go home and drink beers and eat Sloppy Joes with Husband and Piper and then go to work tomorrow anyway OR I get to do all that and not go to work and work in my swamp yard (thanks Gustav, wink!). Either way, that means I win, right?

Ok, I know you don't love me but you're still thinking of me.

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