Monday, September 15, 2008

feel the word, I feel it

I think it's important to have goals. Mini-goals. Big-time goals.

I think success is so much more natural coming if you present an easy path for it to reach you.

Here are my goals for this Winter.

-Keep up our tennis. We're scoping a couple of indoor courts incredibly close to our house for during the chilly months. I would LOVE it if we could get decent enough in our serves and hits (or Hub's kill shots as he likes to call them) that we could play in scrambles with other couples. Just for fun. Play a little tennis for a few hours, work up a good beer thirst. You know! Fun!

-Get back to my piano lessons. It was coming, albeit painfully sometimes, but it was coming. I still have a couple of pieces memorized. I can get back to playing around and figuring our some chords on my own. Play my scales. Ugh. I hate scales. But I came a nice little ways and I shouldn't just let it go to pot.

-Don't let my yard go totally to the shitter. I worked so hard this Spring and Summer and I'm about to start working hard this Fall to put it to bed. I really don't want to start off at the same place. Hello! Do we remember the poison ivy fiasco? Could anybody even read what I was writing back then?

-Go see my Grandmother. I have to. I have to. I have to. I have to. If I keep saying it enough, maybe it will happen. I have to. I have to.

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