Friday, August 29, 2008

When you bite your lip, all you get is a mouthfull of blood


Okay sorry I know sex addiction is a legitimate addiction requiring therapy and all but wow. David Duchovny is so yumyum yummy yum times!! Woo! I once had a guy ask me out with the classic line, "I'll play Mulder and you play Scully." Hello!

Of course I went for that. Little did I know, he actually really wanted to role play X-Files a la D&D. Hello! Not so much fun. But he was cute. Didn't last.

Anyway I love the line where his wife, Tea Leoni, admits she knew and is all "Bring it on!" then you can read the sad disappointment when it turns out, as we all know, all men are sex addicts, just not with their wives. Oh. The sad day. Poor Tea. Whatever.

Say, what's going on here?

Anyway the whole scenario reminds me of Choke, Chuck Palanuick (sp? Idon'tgivafuck)'s book, where the guy goes to AA meetings to pick up girls. Sound familiar? It's a pretty foul, messed up idea, but I guess if you're pervy, you gotta work it!

In other, better news, this sucks!

I keep up with the times, man. I roll, but even only I just learned about Chanel Black Satin a few weeks ago and it's already costing $100 bucks a bottle?! WTF? They had the same crisis with Vamp, remember beautiful, seductive, dirty nasty Vamp? And it was limited edition...until they decided to bring it back, and then redecided to make it LE. So I don't really trust this. Plus Black Satin, hit as it is now, is still fairly au courant and I don't know that all the emo kids will be up for paying $25 + for a bottle of nail polish. But since I am growing my nails, and I paint them now, I will!!!

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