Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vote, Baby, Vote

Are you registered baby?

So if you're in the NYC metro area between the 4th September and the 4th October, you should swing by this gallery and see some awesome work. And while you're there, buy something, will ya? We're sadly going to miss the show, the gallery isn't open while we're there, but Halsey's traveling then anyway, and won't even be there so I guess it's 6 of one...

The Wilson household heartily approves of Obama's pick for Veep, Sen. Biden, of Delaware. "He everybody, we're going to Delaware."

Now we can get an Obama/Biden sign for our yard. If they ever open up the Arkansas Dem HQ ever again. RIP Bill Gwatney. That was some messed up shiz.

Nat and Scott's baby shower was fun last night. It was good to see everyone. Now another cup o' French Press and I have to get my butt to church!

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