Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lights will guide you home

And one day....
I am going to grow wings
A chemical reaction
Hysterical and useless

Today is definitely a Herbie Hancock kind of day. Where's some "Sly" when I need it? Hell, I'll even take "Watermelon Man" if it were available.

Part of my job is record maintenance. Basically I keep us from being audited by the gub'ment mistah! And anyway it's fine. It's the blah worky work part of what I do but I enjoy it bc sometimes you just need some buckle down worky work. Anyway, I have to request and read medical records on our pts that have AR Medicare (the one you get when you're old, or if you entered a coma as a child, and yes, we have several patients like that) to ensure that they actually need the supplies the doctor's are prescribing. Kinda messed up but you know, whatever. People can't complain if they're not paying the bills, sad as that is.

So I come across this one patient and his doctor appears very friendly, caring on paper. I'm reading for one or two specific diagnoses, sometimes they're on the first page, most times I have to dig for them. This pt I had to dig for. So I'm reading/skimming. Reading/skimming. And even now I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

I read about this man's life seen through his doctor in 3 month increments. And it's all backwards. Like Time's Arrow if I could remember it. The man is being treated for severe depression, attempted suicide. Then weight gain, mild depression. Then gout brought on by stress, depression. It states how the pt mentions how he buried his wife a week earlier. How he's working on learning how to cook and clean as they can't afford care and his wife is bed ridden. How she's been diagnosed with fatal lung cancer. Then statements on the patient's cheery outlook, average weight, complete and total health. Back to front.

Finally, I quit reading. The pages back were more about what great health this pt is in. And how sunny his disposition. And then, on the very last page, the statement I need. I have game night with the girls tonight. I don't need this. Sometimes it's just too hard.

I think I'll be taking lunch out of the office today.
Husband is completely addicted to "I Kissed a Girl" and he's almost ruined it for me like I ruined the Pet Shop Boys' version of "You were always on my mind" for him. Hey, we can't all be red headed strangers. I'm ready to go more blonde.

I'm ready for football and soups and fires. Snuggle ups and sleepytimes.

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