Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have you ever made love on a couch?

Octopus Bouquet, Brandon Reese. He gave us permission to use this on the cover of our wedding booklet thing. What's that called again? Program! It was on the cover of our wedding program and was exactly the kind of image I wanted people to leave our wedding with. Happy upside down octopuses, with flowers!


I can't get Strokin' or that other Electric Slide song from Aubrey and Foxy's wedding out of my head. Don't ask me why. I get a killer headache, blurry vision, and am only consoled by Clarence Carter.

Three hops this time!
Two hops this time!
Cha cha now!

Anyway we danced a lot at their wedding and it was a good time. Except that it was hot but the downtown library looked beautiful all candle lit. We had been laughing earlier about the song list for the reunion and I was thinking, just like at our wedding, all you really HAVE to play are Baby Got Back and Love Shack and everyone's really really happy. Haha.

I like to think our wedding mix was the bomb, lots of Sly and the Family Stone, Temptations (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and Can't Get Next to You), OutKast (Bombs over Baghdad and Dracula's Wedding), Spoon (The Way We Get by), Christopher O'Reilly plays Radiohead (You can blame it on the Blackstar), me and my dad danced to Blur's Tender, Love Shack (see above), Strokin' (thanks mom, see above), Mo Money Mo Problems and that other Biggie Smalls song, ElO (Sweet is the Night), some Harvest Moon by Neil Young for the oldies, Duke Ellington's Auld Lang Syne rang us all in (we didn't even walk down the aisle until about 9pm New Year's Eve), Madge's Music, golly jee I can't even remember all the good tunage we had.

It kicked ass though. We worked on that song list at least a couple of weeks. I'll have to look at home. It was definitely one to be proud of. Everyone was on that dancefloor whether they planned it or not.

Now only if we could have made the ghost tour the night before more fun. ha!

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