Thursday, June 12, 2008

as I'm circling down through white cloud

From my 28th birthday Beltane. Who's behind the mask? Could it be me? It could have been you. I really like this picture. It makes me smile.

I'm now entering my 8th step in Chakra consciousness. It's pretty interesting. We're all little red lines shot from heaven through the center of our skulls out the base of our bowels. Anyway so my next lecture is "Seeing Auras." ha! I can't even take a drink without the ice slamming in my face and the liquid running down my front. How am I supposed to be able to read auras. Or see auras. Or whatever. There's so many doors still unopened. How am I supposed to open them? I appreciate how this has all opened up my world view.

It really could be you behind the mask. This blanket I weave is still too bare to be warm. I think we need some more art in the house. Or plants. Or new paint on the walls. It's a bit too tranquil. Think Martha's Vineyard over Miami and I'm still in a Miami state of mind.

I think we've decided to get Maddie the game Cats or Zoo for her DS. Like a Tomagotchi, you have to take care of your pet. She loves it. Goes wild. She is 7. Give her that.

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