Tuesday, June 3, 2008

d'yer mak'er

Scarier than The Strangers! (which had me shakin' in my seat)

Oops, I mean I'm not supposed to be scared of Google anymore. As Jake put it, "Yahoo is so 2002." As Will put it, "Evite is so 2002." Why am I still living in 2002?!?!

I still don't like an email service that handpicks ads for me right there IN MY EMAIL. I know it's an old argument. But it's kinda like why I fast forward through some commercials and not through others (ahhh tivo, I don't even watch that much tv and I couldn't live without our tivo). I want to be able to choose when put upon by advertising. I still like to think I have a choice.

Up next on the agenda, bargaining with Arkansas State Medicaid! I have a very secure job...

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