Monday, June 2, 2008

Blooper and the Banana Kids

What a weekend!

We started at ZaZa's, my old friend John T. Beachboard's restaurant, in the Heights with my oldest group of friends. It was good to see some people we haven't seen in a while, and who am I kidding, we haven't seen much of anyone in a while. The guitar hero station was fun. The food was excellent and well priced, if even too cheap! John shouldn't have opened up the gelato case to us. The pistachio! The chocolate! Dulche du leche! All homemade! Genius! We all left very full, laughing, and a tad bit tipsy. I might have blown Matt Beachboard a kiss. It was great times. You can read a blip about it here.

Then Saturday Bubs went to play paintball with Aub's bachelor party and I yoga'd and then the Travs game. The new stadium is so nice. I'm so glad I married into a baseball family. I could watch games there any day. I was so glad too that we finally got to hang with Casillas and his lady friend. The world famous Blooper was the best! I'm so impressed with the stadium. The food was great (DamGoode pies!) and CHEAP! Ben got us seats right by the beer garden. The weather was hot, but not too hot. All in all, the perfect weekend.

Anyway not it's back to work. It's the first of the month (wake up wake up wake up) so we're always busiest. This is hopefully a fast week because aside from the reunion meeting I have Saturday, Aubrey and Andrea are getting mawwied!!

This is going to be one of the fastest summers ever. We have just far too much to do!

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Sweet Pee said...

Admist all your summer lovin', don't forget to put pennies in the piggy bank for your San Diego trip!!