Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honeybells, St. Michaels Sanford Bloods

Oh, but he let me go sailing.

New Orleans was great. Real Jazz at Maison Bourbon. Real Hurricane at Pat O Brian's. Real mediocre food. Real tons of steak (it was a Farm Bureau convention after all). Saw Colin Powell speak, scratched my head a few times. Saw some Dodge trucks and Case I H tractors given away. Generally came away with newfound interest in farm commodities, surprisingly enough.

Back to work is good. Working out is working out. Hubs and I are both pretty beat though. Lots of walking with pirates in high heels late at night on cobblestone roads will do that to you.

Came back loaded with hots and Tiger sauce. Interesting Italian grocery goodies.

Brought Lorde de Morte back home with us. He's enjoying his perch above the television, I think.

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