Friday, January 18, 2008

champagne spiritualism

Snow Queen Hibiscus

Fingers crossed! I'm working on my last corporate taxes for my old business Spark Designs as we speak! Once I get these filed (government, give me my money, where were you all these years??!?!) I am so solidly done.

So now, of course, my brother wants me and Chris and him to open a bar in Argenta. It's such a cool, slow but solidly steadily growing part of town. It would be hot. But, oh now here we go again!

My brother, I'm very proud of him but also nervous too, has started his own production company (Dog Town Productions I think it was called). He's got a huge print ad shoot to work up for Wal-Mart and it's just the start. The Arkansas WWII Veteran documentary he co-produced was such a hit. I think it's just the start for him. I hope so. I hope he's just been working on this moment his whole life. That would make me feel good.

In other news, still addicted to online scrabble but I have to be more judicious in my play. In other news, wow.

Finding a cabinet maker for our bathroom has become the bane of my existence. Why don't people want to earn money and come help me? I've got money. I need help. I just don't get it.

Don's retirement party tonight. I'm very much so looking forward to that. I can bench press 24lbs, easy now. I've reached my first work out goal with husband. I'm very proud albeit still very much the weakling.

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