Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Smile, You Are Alive (mostly just wanted to share my new haircut)

New Hair Cuts, Peter you Gawd!

Husband and I decided, after a yummy nosh at PF Chang's (we had to try it once), and driving around listening to The Glow Pt 2 ((v. um, good? is that the right way? I like the Ice song the best personally, on that other album) Hubs loves The Microphones, can't get enough)) and seeing this sign (see headline title) on the corner of Bauman and Markham, that while our friends telling us we have bad/weird tastes isn't offensive to us (although it could be), us telling them they had markedly mediocre tastes would be incredibly offensive to them. We could never play Ween's "Your Party" or any Ween song for that matter without derisive looks. At least we'll always be able to have our inside jokes when those songs do come on. And at least I really like that Scartissue song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. There, everyone's happy now! (((!!!))) whatever.

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