Monday, December 31, 2007

Blame it on the black star

Today is my first wedding anniversary with Husband!

Last night we were both laying in bed not believing it either. We'll go down to Hot Springs to spend time with our friends on the lake, eat our year old (nasty freezer burned) cupcakes, drink pink bubbly, and laze about on the docks bundled to the tips in hats and furry scarfs.

I look forward to it.
1 year, who'da thunk I'd make it out alive? Husband and I both agree, monogomy is somewhat a bitch.

Joined Facebook for the class reunion upon some good advice. Ha! Wow! There's just too much of this crap on the internet. I understand keeping up with people and it's been very helpful in only a weekend's time getting me in touch with folks, but still, wow. I guess I never need to work again! Just interneter all the live long day.

Long to reuionize about the end of July. Can't commit my own funds yet. This could be a problem.
Hubs got me the new MIA bc I've been a very good girl. It solely got me through my workout last night which is very impressive. I'm still debating if I like the 1st one better though. Need coffee.

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