Thursday, November 29, 2007

mother nature's a babe

This guy used to be the guy! A little birdie sent me this link and my heart just got light. I was really dumb to ever lose touch and it makes perfect sense that I just adore his paintings. Those artists always got to me. I hope he's happy in life now. I wish I had the nerve to write but you know, what do you say? Hey, do you by any chance remember me? Your baby blues were a big influence on who I dated later in life. I still have the drawing of Mother Nature framed and hanging in my bedroom, always have.

haha. young love. And I did, I loved them all. My girlfriends never understood but I couldn't just date someone for a free dinner (well, that one time). Everyone I've ever been with, friends, partners, more than friends, lovers, boyfriends, husband, I've loved. Some obviously more than others. All have taught me and I don't regret any of it one bit.

It's funny how some people I dated, torridly wickedly dated, I'm best of friends with now (or at least close to). Husband even likes some of them. Others, not so much. I find it fascinating what a person is willing to share about their life, their actual possessions. In that way you possess the people you love, I firmly believe that, whether you like it/want to or not. It might sound creepy but I think it's very true. If you're willing to go to those places with someone, be it a 6 year relationship, a blow job, or holding hands, you leave something behind, a little pearl of yourself, and vice versa. I strung a necklace of these pearls (and yes, I'm aware of the dirty reference). The best I heard it was that my name was a talisman. That's one way I feel about these pearls. Although where I may just be one, they are many (probably too many ha ha ha),,,

Sometimes I miss these guys, sometimes in real life, but most times on the other side of midnight.

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