Friday, November 30, 2007

I'll come running to you now, baby if you want me

Listening to Velvet Underground probably more than is healthy lately. Especially Nico era. Long live the lovely heroin addicts.

Speaking of, some terrifying junkie kiddie pics on Gawker today that further scare my womb back into the black. Biology be damned, it would be my luck to birth a fire-breathing fundamentalist or one of those kids.

And to think, I used to find those kids adorable. hhmmm Sometimes I'm very glad we now spend our party nights just sitting on people's porches, high heels slung over our shoulders, long necklaces caught in our hair, holes in our tights. At least it's still romantic to me. More often though, we're in remnants of work clothes and shawls poking at the fires, sitting on coolers. What a wonderful world.

Working on sales reports before the weekend! yeao! Going to Ben's after work for some good old fashioned hole digging (no pun intended). His parents donated him a bunch of azaleas (like 15) and he'll need some help. I'm in a generous, wanting to work out in a good, earthy way mood. I will definitely regret this forever as it will abso-lutely screw up my bones but what's some extremely hard labor for good friends?

PS: I'm glad you wrote me back.

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