Thursday, November 1, 2007

I’ll remember to think of you tomorrow

Not sure if I told you, but I cut my hair off!! It's long-ish on top, curly curly oh my Lord it's SO curly, and blonde. If you must, and you must, google image Tori Amos + Heart of Gold. Laura and I agreed I would look best as the red headed one, except I'm blondy-brown but it's that kind of curl. It's so fucking killer. I have great friends that give me the boost I need. I was leaning more to not have it so short but really, what's the fun in that.

I wish I could invite everyone I know over for Thanksgiving. But I'll have family down and it just could be awkward. Not enough food, etc.You know, you know!

So work's the work. Mymymy. Tennis today after work. Tomorrow, for Friday and to celebrate the weekend with my girlfriends I'll be tan and blonde and peachy-cheeked. I'm really starting to feel fitter in my role at work and although it'll be a much while in coming, the confidence is there. I think the other girls really respect my work ethic and professionalism. They always comment on my voice. If that voiceover work ever comes through, I'll let you know. I'm still extremely curious how I sound in Shane's project.

My prego lady friend sent out a pic of her belly at only a few months. She's such a tiny one anyway that she'll soon be overwhelmed! But she's so naturally beautiful, that girl has never needed a drop of makeup, that I know I'll be so envious. They say glow like that, you can't bottle. Imagine me, envious of a pregnant woman.

Brother sent me Maddie's Halloween costume. She was the cutest little pink kitty cat! I can't wait to see more of her and being in LR is going to make a huge difference. I'm ready to see them again!


Franke was making fun of me yesterday and it was funny. I've felt this immense need to blow off steam lately. And I feel really over it now, a good cup of coffee helps, a tan, some new lipstick and a new haircut, and ok I just got all those things. So I'm fine, right?

I've been a little short with my husband lately and everything's fine it's just, ha ha, he's always there! No joke! I guess that's what marriage is all about. And normally it's just fine. We spend our seperate time doing other things but I haven't had the ability lately so I was just getting a little tired, cranky. He has such good stride with me, so it took him climbing on the roof to clean it and Franke pressing me to go help him that I think if he fell that would just be terrible. It could completely end me. So needless to say, I got over it real quick. But I still need some time away. TGIF, dude

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