Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If you must, and I must

Go immediately and queue Murder Party on your Netflix. It is truly hilarious and craftedly low budget. It did really well at a bunch of film fests and it's great. Lab of Madness is a group a la Broken Lizard but with a lot less money. We're working on getting some of their shorts. "You took a vow of silence. No, I took a vow of violence." It's just great. The movie feels similar to Art School Confidential which is another awesome movie but they're different enough. You can appreciate them both! 2 thumbs up definitely.

Salt soup, aka split pea with ham, was terrible. I apologize. I got my ipod shuffle in (thank you credit card points) and even though we're horribly behind the times and carelessly old fashioned, Hubs just got his ipod classic, we had a great dance party which led me to over salt the soup during Bombs Over Baghdad (thank YOU Outkast). So it was ruined. But I was really more about having wine for dinner anyway. It was one of those kind of nights. I come home, shuffles is there waiting for me, Hubs charges it and loads it with our wedding play list (which yes, we played Bombs Over Baghdad at our wedding and rocked it, thank you very much) and despite soup, it was great.

Hot Ham and Swiss paninis for dinner tonight. Sweep the roof so it doesn't catch on fire when we light a fire, prune mums, carve a jack o' lantern, turn on the porch light and give trick o' treaters lots of chocolate they don't need! Huzzah! Sounds like my kind of night.

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