Sunday, May 13, 2007


So work requires us to take this Sales Dogs class and yada ya but there's this theory, baiscally of positive thinking, basically of the law of attraction, you know, Celestine Prophecy kind of thing. You think of something, you desire something, you wish and pray and wish and pray for something and it's there, as you know, it's just there waiting for you around the corner.

So since I've taken real life marketing 101 since birth, I'm using the class for other purposes. And it's working. Strangely enough, it really is working. And I love it. And I bought a chakra prism set to celebrate. ha!

My tomatoes are three fold since. It helps that I talk to them. Have to go buy some cages today. Weekend guests and graduation parties were fun. It was good to meet families of friends who are basically family. And it's mother's day and my mom and dad are in Ireland and now that we know the power of GPS, I would have bought her one for their driving trip but I guess I'll just keep saving for us one and me an ipod shuffle. If I don't get some music while gardening this summer, it's going to be too hot for me to want to get out there. And now they come in lime!!

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