Monday, February 15, 2010

it's such a perfect day, I want to share it with you

In providing Bub moral support while he nailed squirrel netting in the holes in the attic, I stood in 32 degree weather for about 2 hours. It was ok as I had Words with Friends to get me by (Sullyspark) but the point is my face now, an hour and s half later, is burned! I got cold burned! How weird is that???

So to thank Bub for his hard work I made him a kick ass dinner (a Valentine's continuum if you will):

Sully's Maine Surf and Turf (lobster with spinach and oyster mushrooms- the best of woods and sea)--

Start with a large skillet, big pat of butter, some olive oil, red pepper flakes, sea salt, fresh garlic, balsamic vineagar. Make it a melty yummy mess. Add spinach, or tonight Japanese spinach, until it cooks up tender. But cook it slooooowly bc while you do that-

Reconstitute dried oyster mushrooms by boiling in water for 5 minutes. Remove and add to the spinach mix but place mushrooms on the bottom to keep soaking up all those juices. Keep the water boiling and add
(tonight) fusili.

Boil fusili 6 mins while starting another very large pot of water to boil. When almost 6 minutes have passed, put 2 lobster tails on to boil for 6 minutes.

Drain pasta and add to spinach mix. Drain lobsters, shell, slice up, and add to pasta mix.

Top with fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Eat. Live.

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