Friday, April 24, 2009

Something's coming over me

Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Last night I come home to find Husband has finished working on the broken tile in our hallway. He's really handy and that's very awesome, and sexy.

We go out and meet friends to spend the lovely rest of the afternoon on a patio. Good conversation. Good times. Sadly, I find out one of my dear friends is moving back to California, which is great for him, but he didn't get the job he wanted and he's just going to figure it out. He's amazing so I have no doubt. I teased him about dating my BFF curly haired California cutie Sweet Pee. He blushed. At least I think he did. He's very tan.

More friends joined us. They are getting married in March and it's a wonderful match. I had to apologize for venting my frustration at my birthday that marriage is hard and although always rewarding, can be very frustrating at times. Thank God for make-up sexy times. I developed the theory of 5.9%. For all the span of a life with your partner, there will always be that 5.9% of something that will rise up to get in the way.

Did I pick the right partner? Etc etc blah blah and blah.

We all laughed at this because, at the table, we were all married, going to be married, and/or divorced. Men and women. This is life as you get older. Everyone at the table has experienced this.

I would have never gotten so happily married if I hadn't taken a chance on Husband. He was in no way Husband material but I saw the potential in him. And I have never seen potential in anyone like I see in him daily.

He, in turn, took a chance on a crazy, commitment-phobic girl. And accepted me. And made me less crazy. Always eccentric. Less and less crazy.

We both had big walls to climb to meet each other even halfway. But I pushed. And I pushed. And even when it terrified the hell out of me, I pushed.

I look forward to having a family with this man. This man I have questioned being with since the start because I never thought I had the potential to be my best like I knew he had the potential to be his. I love how he proves me wrong. And I cherish how wonderful and secure he makes me feel.

I don't question anymore. Haven't in a while. I love being able to say that. And I know I talk marriage a lot. It's just that it's so formative. I'm such a young soul that I'm still so awed by everything. State of my nation indeed. I still can't fully wrap my brain around everything and I ha!

And so, we're already making plans for California next year. Gets in the way of baby-making. But maybe that's ok. I don't think we've figured that one out yet. But ask me again after the baby shower this weekend.


Chris said...

Love you, toots!

Bee Yarrett said...

Hey, don't hurry the baby stage up. Take your time and kick some ass!

Sully said...

Yeah the bebe will just have to be an accident. I'm too busy trading in my Element for a convertible and scuba diving!!!