Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You must pay the troll toll to get to this boy's hole

I'm not a star wars nerd but Chrissy has a friend who majored in the harp and plays pop songs on it for her and this made me think of him because even though I've never met him, I'm totes in love.

And I'm eating microwaveable Palaak Paneer for lunch (with Gardetto's natch) and it's amazing.

Feel the love and don't forget to pay your Troll Toll!

1 comment:

Chrissali said...

I could not love your blog any less!! Or any more! Or anything less than totes totes totes!

I can't stop laughing about the troll toll--we have a vet with schizophrenia who spends most of his time under the bridge that connects the VA to UCSD's campus. He is totes the troll that lives under the bridge but thankfully he collects no toll! As for the boy's hole...I just don't know...I just don't know...