Monday, March 16, 2009

Shared the guilt my mother knew, afraid that others knew I had no name

I have woken up at 4:49am exactly a few times this weekend. Completely awake. Completely aware. What's happening then that I'm supposed to take notice of?

Spring training with the cousins in Florida was WONDERFUL!!! We convinced the girls that being Cardinals fans was the only way to go! Got them foam fingers. Drank cold beers. I have a red neck sunburn on the back of my neck. Pink cheeks. Pink knees. We saw the Cards win against the Red Sox, Orioles, and the Braves.

I met Derek Jeeter's aunt. She was really nice and had super long pink fingernails.

Already planning an adult cousin trip to NOLA for the Fall. The Angelo side had never been!!! And it's one of me and Bubs's favorite places to go. Trying to work it all out.

So glad I had vacation. The Atlantic was clear and clean and refreshing. Husband, I will learn how to scuba dive for you. But if a shark bites my butt, you will never hear the end of it!


Today is a good day. Lots of jazz. Lots of Motown.

Will post pics from the weekend later. Now it's time for.........

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