Thursday, March 19, 2009

the early cars already are drawing deep breaths past my door

Little bit ago this came in on my Netflix. I figured French, Criterion Edition, Billy Idol song, why not? It was wonderful! Of course, I'm a huge scary film freak and this was obviously less scary than what it could be today (hey, it's old though), but the suspense of the girl's face really messes with your psychology. That and the cautionary tale of being a lone girl in the city has always fascinated me in such a black, morbid way.

Speaking of, have I told you to read The Devil in the White City? Go, NOW!

BUT even better was the documentary that came along with the movie, Les Sangs Des Betes (Blood of Beasts).

Albeit rather disturbing, even for this meat eater, Hubs and I couldn't peel our eyes off the screen. Despite how uncomfortable it made me feel, I had the urge to watch LSDB over and over again.

Still do.

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