Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cold Blooded in my Dictionary!

Until the really "great" stuff comes along, Su-Lauren, do the not-so-great stuff.

The not-so-great stuff always leads to the great stuff. Whereas doing nothing pretty much leads to nowhere.

And do it with a passion -
The Universe

I love it!
So I'm back from San Diego and Chrissy and all her loverly life there. I miss it but I'm glad to be home where I could not fight my devil cold anymore. I missed like 3 days of work snotting my behind off and reading.

Read: Smashed, which was rather excellent.

Read: Watchmen which was so much better in premise than in actual book form. Eek! Sorry! Don't be haters! I am really looking forward to the movie at the IMAX!

Anyway so I've been busy. I've been gone. I've been sick. But I have so many stories...

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