Friday, January 16, 2009

I sense something divine in you

Last night was FUN! Today I didn't feel so great this morning (well after Husband and I decided to spend a little QT in bed-that felt great) but the day is well you know, busy.

But we got to spend some good time just the two of us last night then wonderfully Judith and Casillas joined us and that was great! I got to hear how much fun he thought my San Diego sweetheart Chrissy was and what a great life she lives! I will see for myself in about a month!! WOO!!

And it was just plain good fun. And now I'm tired.

Go look at the parents house, go to dinner with family, pack I MUST PACK SOME CLOTHES for this trip right?, and it's like no degrees in New York right now, and I have a long list of things I want to accomplish while we're there but you know what, I just love being in that city that it none matters much.

I'm so ready to go there. I'm so ready to go to St. Lucia too!!! Watch out Amy Winehouse, we're heading that way eventually!

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Sweet Pee said...

I got behind on your blog and I missed my shout-out! I shall indeed reveal my SD life to you in just a few short weeks! xoxo