Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho F-ers!


I was told there'd be cake** by Sloan Crosley** is terrible and completely, heniously unfunny. Try less harder next time. (**or whatever it's called and whatever her name is).

I am completely addicted to the library. So much so I almost fled a Barnes and Noble Christmas shopping excursion for my local library just to feel the comfort of never having to buy mediocre books again!

I am playing the Zelda game for DS and it's awesome! I was always a big Zelda fan. Thanks Hubby, you were spot on.

I wish the girl that is supposed to work for us would either quit or come in so we can fire her because I have my own work I need to be doing.

Mount Magazine plans are finalizing! Hike trails in 50 degree weather: check (it's 30 degrees and "raining" here now). Little bottle of Coppola's Sofia sparkling white wine: check. Shrimp ring: FAIL CHECK. King suite with a fireplace: check check check!

I bought the most wicked pretty party dress for Spencer's party on Saturday. yes yes yes!!! I must thank Piper for all her help braving the awful cold and traffic to go shopping with me a few nights before Christmas.

I wish you and all of yours a very peaceful, happy Holiday season!

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