Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the ocean breathes salty, won't you carry it in

I think it's going to be a Modest Mouse kinda day. And I used to hate Modest Mouse. Exception being Tiny City Full of Ashes and dance parties on top of the tables at old JR's. Those were the days?

This video is totally stupid but you know, just enjoy the song.


Stress levels are waaay down. Hubs, let's get busy.


Wood burning fire place is tha bomb! I'm so ready to be a pioneer, Little House on the Prairie style. Did you ever read those books? I was addicted. The one where they lived in the little Hobbit style house on the prairie kind of underground in the side of a bank? That was my favorite!!

Dude, don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy.


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