Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If you feel like loving me, and you've got the notion...

So in many ways I guess it's good that I didn't move to NY and live my dream at Maxim magazine to work my up to Playboy magazine. Maxim and Blender (it's music version that sucks) is shutting down camp. Besides, Chicago is too cold for my blood. So aren't we all glad that huge-ass blunder didn't happen for me. As Rocky so thoughtfully explained my life pre-Husband to his lovely partner Simon (with a basket of tortilla chips, no less): Zoom zoom (basket of chips flying through the air), Zeee CRASH CRASH CRASH (basket of chips crashes into salsa bowl, chips fly everywhere, basket overturns, sad and pathetic).

Hey, who doesn't love being the brunt? haha Whatever. Those chips weren't even that fresh.

Why do I listen to so much Grateful Dead? I don't even like the Grateful Dead.

But I do love Dr. Phil, from PostSecret:

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