Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't blame it on the sunshine // Don't blame it on the moonlight

Jeez, to be under 28 again, where my party dress budget was larger than my rent budget.

Blame it on the Boogie!!!

People need to quit having babies, and start having parties. I'm ready to throw on my black tights, high heels, and go dancing in one satiny number!!


Have the 2nd Annual Wilson Christmas Hodown Extravaganza menu planned. Hitting up Holiday House tonight for a few jars of sweet onion rouxmelade and some free wine and decoration ideas.

Our Christmas decoration theme this year is Unicef! All the Children of the World! Very colorful. Golds and reds and jewel tones. Lots of red ribbon and lots of gold spray-painted pine cone garlands. And Unicef boxes! Give us your spare change!!!

I am SO excited!!! I'm thinking a red dress this year...OMG or totally this with a super chunky African necklace!!! Wheeee!!!

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